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J. Bouey

I'm a Dance Artist. I run and co-host The Dance Union Podcast with Melanie Greene. I am currently a New York Live Arts Fresh Tracks 2018-19 Artist, and former Movement Research Van Lier Emerging Artist of Color Fellow for 2018, BAX | Brooklyn Arts Exchange 2018 Fall Space Grantee, and performed with Elisa Monte Dance as an apprentice from 2015 to 2017. I have shown my original work at Judson Church, Arts On Site, The Chocolate Factory, New York Live Arts, Gibney Dance, BAAD!, CPR - Center for Performance Research, and South Mountain Center for Performing Arts. I am a current performer and collaborator with Christal Brown’s INSPIRIT Dance Company, Dante Brown | Warehouse Dance, and Antonio Brown Dance. I have also performed works by Germaul Barnes/Viewsic Dance and Edisa Weeks. As a dance instructor at Mind-Builders Creative Arts Center in the Bronx, I contribute to making dance easily accessible in underserved communities for Black and Brown people.



                              Current ProjeCTS

Holding onto Innocence

Photo by David Gonsier

Holding Onto Innocence looks at the double meaning behind the word "innocence", and explores the attempt Black Americans have of preserving a black child's innocence and the life-preserving balance of remaining innocent of a crime. This work is reflective of a conversation I had with my then 5 year old nephew where I attempted to explain the killing of Tamir Rice while keeping his childhood innocence intact. This conversation echoed the conversations my parents had with me, urging me towards absolute exceptionalism to stay out of the judicial system and innocent any crime in hope of ensuring my survival.

The Space between words

Photo by Scott Shaw

The Space Between Words is a movement representation of the healing practices I use to address the problems that stem from anxiety and depression, and the journey of unlearning I am on to do away with practices of masculinity that are toxic and inefficient for my growth. Through the connections of conversation, storytelling, and virtuosic contemporary movement The Space Between Words brings the audience on a journey in which two black queer men hold only pieces of the map towards vulnerability, and are actively trying to make their way.

I need to feel ok

Photo by David Gonsier

I Need to Feel Ok is a collaboration between recording artist, producer, and singer-songwriter Thalib where we ask if the religious practices that have been passed down to us and our acquired spiritual practice and meditation serve or hinder us on our journey towards healing from depression and anxiety. My parents raised me to be a Jehovah's Witness and Thalib was raised as a devout Muslim and, even though we have found our families and those communities using religion to deter us from seeking mental health support, we still return to prayer. This sentiment is shared amongst many Black Americans on various degrees of religious affiliation and denominations.

Chiron in Leo

Photo by J. Bouey

This solo is in the research phase where I am investigating how trauma effects the body, looking at my personal traumas, and creating healing practices to address these traumas I've excavated. I am currently developing this new work as one of the 2018 recipients of Movement Research’s Van Lier Emerging Artist of Color Fellowship. 


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