Chiron in Leo

Photo by  Phil Mahabeer

Photo by Phil Mahabeer

What is Chiron in leo?

Informed by an astrological aspect in my chart, Chiron in Leo brings about a healing of the inner child by addressing trauma and modeling healing practices that could benefit the witnesses.  In Greek mythology, Chiron is known as the “wounded healer”, a figure that I often embody throughout this performance. This work is largely informed by storytelling, particularly, the overwhelming and fragmented sensational experiences related to trauma through both the physicalization and vocalization of metamorphosing memories. My artistic practice is most concerned with addressing systems of oppression through a lens of healing centered around the body and movement, and Chiron in Leo is my story.

MANCC Foward Dialogues

I was down at Florida State University working on Chiron in Leo with a new collaborator, Peter Louis "TearDrop" Mercedes-Phipps, for the MANCC Forward Dialogues Lab. The lab was in it's second iteration, and we had the privilege of working on this project with a very stimulating cohort of peers, and with amazing facilitation and guidance from Gesel Mason, Yolanda Cesta Cursach, and Ishmael Houston-Jones.

The experience was like no other. Peter and I connected on Twitter and decided to collaborate together with the lab being our first opportunity to rehearse together. This is truly a divine connection because the flow and synergy are perfect.

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MR Van Lier Fellowship and The Chocolate Factory Showing

I began working on Chiron in Leo during the 2018 Movement Research Van Lier Fellowship. Through this fellowship I was able to go to Port of Spain, Trinidad as an artist in residence with Makeda Thomas’ Dance and Performance Institute in the summer of 2018. The first work-in-process showing of Chiron in Leo happened at The Chocolate Factory in December of 2018.

Chiron in Leo’s full premiere is scheduled for May 2020.